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Custom Manufacturing Solutions partners with companies and develops unique solutions to solve their facilities and operation related problems by designing, fabricating, and servicing fixtures, tools, and equipment. We also produce our patented products for consumers to solve their issue such as Zpro trailers for vehicles.

We support all industries. Our primary customers are Warehousing, Automotive, Constructions, Farming, and Pharmaceutical industries.

We are family owned company that manufactures all high quality products in the U.S.A.

We differentiate ourselves by providing exceptional service to customers. We take pride in designing simple yet very effective solutions to our customer’s issues. Simpler solutions are less expensive, easy to maintained and are easier to implement.

We have precision capabilities that include:

  • CNC cutting to 20"
  • 100 Ton press brake
  • CNC (5’x10’ plasma up to 1"steel )
  • Mig and Tig welding
  • Iron workers
  • CAD software